Axon Series - Scientific Replacement of Tio2 in Textile Printing

DESCRIPTION    :    Synthetic Coated Magnesium Aluminum Silicates
CHEMICAL PROPERTIES    :    Chemically inert, physically neutral
         Does not disturb the polymerizing process of the binder
         Does not become yellowish even after years
         Does not contain any Zinc, Lead or Sulfur contents
PACKAGING    :    25KS (HDPE Bags)
SHELF LIFE/STORAGE    :    Product has a shelf life of at least 3 year,stored with sealed pack.
CHARACTERISTICS    :    Can be used as a replacement of TiO2.
         Does not affect the curing process of the acrylic binder.
SUGGESTED USES    :    Can be used as a replacement for TiO2 in "Khadi"
         Used to improve sharpness and whiteness.
         Used to procide better coverage(per meter).
         Suitable for Overlapping as well as for Carbonize type of printing applications
         Used to provide pigment savings with better brightness in Colour "khadi".

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