Axon O

Physical Appearance    :    White Powder
Specific Gravity    :    2.3-2.5
PH    :    7-8
Average Particle Size(microns)    :    10.0
Refractive Index    :    1.75-1.9
Bulk Density(gm/100cc)    :    Loose: 29.15, Tape: 41.12
Absrobency(gm/100cc)    :    Oil: 66.6, Water: 74.6
Characteristics    :    It has very low absorption with more whiteness
         It can be used as a replacement of tio2.
Application    :    For Cotton Fabrics

Axon O Recipe

Binder SLN/4000    :    40.00
Water    :    10.00
Axon O/P(I)/TT+    :    35.00
Emulsifier (9.5 mol)    :    3.00
Liquor Ammonia    :    1.00
M.T.O.    :    11.00
Thickener    :    As Required
TOTAL    :    100.00

Note: As every printing units have their own recipe of khadi manufacturing. We have suggested the easiest way to make khadi from our TVX-AXON series of powders.

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