Flarox Ink Concentrates (Oil/Solvent Based)

DESCRIPTION    :    The Flarox Fluorescent Concentrates have excellent fluorescent characteristics making them ideal for most printing           ink applications. The products have low odor and excellent adhesion on most commercial substrates.
PHYSICAL NATURE    :    Semi Liquid
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES    :    Chemically inert, physically neutral
         Does not disturb the polymerizing process of the binder
         Does not become yellowish even after years
         Does not contain any Zinc, Lead or Sulfur contents
QUALITIES    :    • Water Resistant
         • Low Odor
         • Excellent Flexibility
         • Low Plate Swell
         • High Gloss
PACKAGING    :    1 & 10KGS (Tin Packing)
SHELF LIFE/STORAGE    :    Store tightly, shut in a cool, dry, and dark place for minimum shelf life for 12 months.
CHARACTERISTICS    :    Have smaller Particle size therefore it gives better Coverage and Mileage.
         Stable at High Temperature of the range 200 to 210 C.
         Gives better visibility and high tintoritial value.
SUGGESTED USES    :    Suitable for use in Offset, Paint, PU foam, Flexo and Gravure ink, PVC ink manufacturing.
         It is Solvent / Oil based system.
         It gives extra shine and it is able to create a brand packaging.

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