Aromica - WG 325

Genuine Wet Ground Mica (Natural Glitter)


Basics of Aromica

» Mica is an exceptionally versatile mineral.
» It’s found as plate-like layers in the soil that are thin
» Translucent, flexible and soft.
» Has natural sheen and luster.
» Non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and totally inert
» High UV stability, low abrasiveness, excellent
» lubricity, good skin adhesion
» Excellent resistance to heat, weather, and chemicals

Technical Specifications

Product Category     :    Wet Ground Mica - WG 325
Product Series    :    Muscovite Mica
Screen Residue on 325 Mesh     :    < 0.01%
PH (10% Suspension in water)    :    7.5
Bulk Density (gm/cc)     :    0.30 - 0.45 [Loose - Tapped]
Oil Absorption (gm/100cc Pigment)    :    88 +/- 2
Moisture @ 105 C    :    < 0.5%

Grinding of Mica

Mica is one of the most difficult minerals to grind. Even the thinnest flakes are tough, elastic and slippery and resist abrasion and consequently grinding it is a slow, costly and difficult operation. It is all the more difficult operation to grind it to fine mesh without any deterioration of its natural brilliance, gloss and color.

Why Wet Ground Mica

1) If mica is grounded like any other minerals, that is in any conventional Ball Mill or Hammer Mill, it will lose it’s luster. This is because in doing so, the surface of the plate-like layers of mica gets scratches.
2) To preserve the Plate late (i.e. lamellar) structure of the mica, one has to grind it in wet condition, that too with soft grinding medium.

Uses & Advantages of Aromica 325

In Paints, Coatings & Sealants

1) Provides Exterior Durability
2) Provides Weather Resistance
3) Improves Corrosion resistance in Primers
4) Offers increased resistance to degradation by UV radiation
5) Increases barrier properties against moisture and atmosphere gasses
6) Increases film toughness
7) Increases adhesion
8) Increases Washability
9) Reduces cracking, peeling and checking
10) Excellent flatting properties
11) Controls slump in sealants.
12) Improves crack resistance in sealants

In Cosmetics

Due to the wet grinding process, our mica displays exceptionally good shine and luster giving a natural pearl effect. It also has unique UV Resistant properties. It's an exceptionally stable, chemically inert mineral that is harmless to humans making it suitable for the following applications:

1) Pressed powders
2) Body powders
3) Liquid Makeup
4) Lipstick
5) Nail Lacquers
6) Sun Screen - Creams

Use of Mica in Plastics

In Nylon and other engineering polymers

» Improves tensile, flexural and impact properties

In Glass Reinforced Thermosets

» Improves uniformity and strength characteristics
» Reduces cost through partial glass replacement

In Extrusion, Blown or Molded Products

1) Insures greater heat stability
2) Reduced mold shrinkage
3) Increases Stiffness

Other Applications of Mica

1) In Wallpapers - To impart a silky or pearly luster
2) In Textiles - For the lubrication of carding machines
3) In Agriculture - For an even flow of seeds

Besides the above-mentioned applications, Mica also can be used in the following applications for its functional properties.

1) Lubricants & Greases
2) Welding Rod Coatings
3) Silicone Release Agents
4) Fabric Coating
5) Dry powder fire extinguishers
6) Unique Grinding

Unique Grinding Technique

Amron Fillers has found out a unique way to ground the mica in such a way that this integrity of the particle surface is preserved. Its surface is kept free from scratches and defects so that the lamellar structure is not disturbed. The result is a shimmering, sparkling, luminescent powder. Following are a few suggested coating formulations for Water Based Paints.

Suggested Formulations


Soft Water    :    22.00
Hec Thickner    :    0.55
Anionic Dispersing Agent    :    0.70
Non Ioninc Dispersing Agent    :    0.40
Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate    :    0.20
Defoamer    :    0.15
Sodium Penta Chloro Phenate    :    0.40
Fungicide(NIPACIDE-DFX)    :    0.60
Mono Ethylene Glycol    :    2.00
Liquor Ammonia    :    0.30
Tio2 Rutile RC-222    :    16.00
Aromica WG-325    :    5.00
Talc (5 um)    :    8.00
Aluminium Silicate    :    8.00
Pure Acrylic Emulsion    :    34.50
Defoamer    :    0.20
Pine Oil    :    1.00
Total    :    100.00


Soft Water    :    19.50
Hec Thickner    :    0.40
Anionic Dispersing Agent    :    0.70
Non Ioninc Dispersing Agent    :    0.40
Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate    :    0.20
Defoamer    :    0.10
Sodium Penta Chloro Phenate    :    0.20
Fungicide(NIPACIDE-DFX)    :    0.20
Mono Ethylene Glycol    :    2.00
Liquor Ammonia    :    0.10
Tio2 Rutile RC-222    :    18.00
Aromica WG-325    :    4.00
Talc (5 um)    :    9.00
English China Clay    :    8.00
Calcite(5um)    :    7.00
VINYL ACETATE ACRYLIC COPOLYMER (Pidivyl (658)    :    29.00
Defoamer    :    0.20
Pine Oil    :    0.90
Liqour Ammonia    :    0.20
Total    :    100.00

Disclaimer: The said information is provided with good faith. However, our technical advice, information and statements given verbally, in writing or in form of test results – is offered for guidance without warranty. NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS MADE. The user is requested to conduct a small trial of the product prior to the bulk use.